We want to educate and spread awareness among people about Vitamin B12, its deficiency and health implications. We also want to provide a preventive measure / service for people to combat Vitamin B12 deficiency effectively.


B12 is not produced by our body, hence we need to rely on other natural sources to meet our RDA of B12.

A major portion of the Indian population is vegetarian/vegan. Since vegetables and a vegan diet lack B12 in them, B12 deficiency is quite high in this country. Rich sources of B12 are mainly meat products like chicken, fish, and beef. Other sources include milk products, egg, etc.

Continuous research has lead scientists to attribute several ailments that we endure to vitamin B12 deficiency: Neuro-pathological, Psychological, Physical, etc. It is thus very important to understand its importance in maintaining a healthy mind and body, for without it we fall into an abysmal pit of life-challenging conditions.

Solution / Service

Advancements in technology has helped man accomplish deeds which in the past were deemed impossible. With the same idea in mind, we have come up with a 2-Phase solution:

1.Awareness programme :

Firstly, we must educate people about the importance and health implications of B12. We will do this through numerous sources: B12 app, Social media, Newspaper articles, Info-graphs etc.

2.Virtual Check-up :

This is an app based solution which will have a great impact in our duel against B12 deficiency. This app will be another platform for creating awareness and also creating a bridge between doctors and patients. We plan to collaborate with doctors, diagnostic centres to carry out our mission successfully.

The public can register for free on our app. Through this app, people can make a virtual appointment (video consultation) with a dedicated doctor. This will make the initial assessment effortless since the patient will not have to travel or wait in line. Through our network of medical technicians from diagnostic centres, we will send them to collect samples (if deemed necessary by consulting doctor) from patients at their residence.

3.B12 Tracker :

Tracks the daily intake of b12 through supplements like injections, tablets, food supplements like energy drinks, candy etc which contains B12.

4.B12 Bindhi :

B12 can also be absorbed by the skin, we already have b12 patches available in the market, we can make b12 Bindhis(stickers) for women as the majority of women in India wear a bindhi. The app will also feature information on:

a) Sources of Vitamin B12: Products available in the market.
b) Self-learning info-graphs for public awareness.
c) Platform for managing medical history.