Our Mission

Kinexcs is a data-driven digital health company enabling personalised health for fitness seekers and athletes & evidence-based recovery for musculoskeletal patients.

Our Values

Accelerate Recovery

We are here to ease and assist all forms of recovery and rehabilitation.

Empower Patients

We want both patients and health enthusiasts to be able to take charge of their recovery or fitness goals.

Personalised Health

We aim to provide the best personalised and affordable health solutions for every individual.

Why Kinexcs?

Kinexcs works with patients undergoing orthopedic surgeries, suffering from injuries or simply experiencing musculoskeletal aches and pains. Starting with a convenient at-home assessment of the condition, and leading to personalised digital therapy and continuous monitoring until full recovery. Talk to us to share your concerns and how you can begin your journey to full recovery and rehabilitation using a suite of digital tools on the right foot.

Our Solutions

Digital Therapy

We have built the most comprehensive digital platform to enhance patient’s recovery experience. This platform can be used for patient assessment, education, guided therapy and monitoring using wearable medical devices. Through this platform, patients can also connect with clinicians and book a therapy session.

Kinexcs Total Lower Limb Solution - KIMIA™

The KIMIA™ system comprises a full-suite of sensor and software based assessment and monitoring technology to enable evidence-based recovery for patients. The assessment technology can be used to remotely gather gait parameters of a patient to assess their condition, without the patient needing to visit a specialised facility, like a gait lab. The knee sensor monitors the range of motion and mobility of a patient’s knee and hip joints.

KIMIA™ was developed to perform 3 functions – monitoring, assisting and rehabilitating patients with musculoskeletal conditions. The data collected from the KIMIA™ sensor is coupled with a patient’s mobile application and a clinician’s dashboard to monitor patient’s progress and provide feedback and real-time guidance during therapy sessions. Talk to us to find out more about the KIMIA™ System.