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Solutions -IVF

PALASH-IVF features Data maintenance, Treatment processing, Analysis and Result management for IVF clinics. IVF procedures require data maintenance at various stages right from diagnosis to treatment and the further follow-ups. There is a need for comparison of patient data between and among various treatment groups. There is also a need for continual updating and revision whenever new data of the patients becomes available as also at the end of each cycle.

Why Palash IVF

→ Gain critical insight into methods and outcomes.
→ Complete Tracking and Reporting of Every Protocol wise Procedures & Processes.
→ Wide availability of Customized Analytical Reports.
→ Fertility Preservation Recording available.
→ Inventory Management System with Complete track of every item tracking.
→ Complete Track of every task and jobs of staff with User Audit Panel.
→ Surrogacy Management.
→ Multi Clinic Environment.
→ Interfaces with equipments for provide a highly advance Technical edge.
→ 24*7 Support Team availability.
→ Patient Portal.
→ 24 X 7 support service.
→ 99.95% Uptime guarantee. (As per SLA’s)
→ Regulatory Authorities Compliances.

Palash IVF Benefits

→ Interfaces.
→ 3rd party systems integration.
→ Customized, Details, Statistical reporting.
→ Multi Clinic Environment.
→ Quality Assurance (Monitoring all processes & personal performance).
→ Information Confidentially/Data Security Guaranteed.
→ Mobile & Email interface for better patient connect.
→ Patient Portal.
→ Surrogacy Management.
→ Consent Management.
→ ART compliance as ICMR (Indian Clinic).
→ Robust Support System.