We want to build a whole new source of entertainment for people who are in location with good crowd around and are willing to have some entertainment. We want to do this through games which trigger social interaction like never before.These games will not just entertain people for short periods of time but will open a new channel for businesses to market their products in an interactive style. We want to change the way people use their time when waiting at public places and to create very effective tool for brands to market their products.

Problem statement

We are trying to reduce the frustration of people in restaurants, shopping malls and theaters. The frustration is caused for a multitude of reasons. Waiting for the food to be served in restaurants, waiting for movie to begin in theatres, waiting for friends or family to finish their shopping in shopping malls are a few of many reasons responsible for such situations. Depending upon their situations, they might wait for a few seconds or for a few hours. In fact, they themselves do not know how long they are going to be around in most cases. But they do look for some entertainment just to pass the time they have got. On the other end, big brands constantly look for innovative channels to reach these people. With our product we are trying bring a solution which can effectively solve both the problems.


We have come up with a multiplayer game which has almost everything novel. People use their smart phones as consoles to play the game. The game design is unique as itaccommodates all the players on a shared screen and makes sure that aesthetics of game play are not lost. The game design has certain constraints and advantages which makes it altogether a different arena. We are trying to turn this good product into great by building a strong business model around it. Our clients(businesses) who use the product can actually generate revenues or attract their customers depending upon their requirement by using our product. Our customers are presently willing to buy games and entertain their customers. In long term, we have plans to tie up with brands to promote their products through our concept and share the revenues generated with our customers. So the people who would like to have our product will be generating profits from Day 1 for having our product in their location, once we have such revenue stream active.